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Kable Kontrol PVC Electrical Tape, an exemplary solution meticulously engineered to elevate electrical splicing and insulation standards. Boasting a substantial thickness of 7 mil, this tape stands out as a paragon of durability and reliability across a spectrum of applications. Crafted from premium Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, our electrical tape not only offers superior fire resistance but is also weather-resistant, making it the ultimate choice for electricians seeking uncompromising performance in the face of challenging conditions. What distinguishes Kable Kontrol® Electrical Tape is its unparalleled versatility. With a capacity to handle voltages up to 600 V and endure temperatures reaching 176° F, our product stands as an indispensable companion for electricians engaged in residential, commercial, or industrial projects. Beyond its insulating and protective attributes for electrical wires, this tape facilitates seamless color coding – a boon for professionals aiming to organize and differentiate wiring systems efficiently. Delve into the meticulous considerations embedded in each roll of Kable Kontrol® Electrical Tape. Recognizing the paramount importance of safety and reliability for electricians, our product features a robust 7 mil thickness, establishing an enduring insulating barrier that mitigates potential electrical hazards. Moreover, the PVC material's exceptional fire resistance provides an added layer of protection, addressing concerns related to fire risks in various installations. Beyond its intrinsic safety features, Kable Kontrol® Electrical Tape proudly holds UL listing and CSA approval, underscoring its compliance with stringent industry standards. Electricians can trust that our tape meets the rigorous criteria set by renowned safety organizations, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind in every application. Consider the significance of weather resistance in our electrical tape. Electricians operating in outdoor or exposed environments can rely on Kable Kontrol® to withstand the elements, ensuring that insulation remains steadfast and effective over time. This added resilience contributes to the long-term durability of electrical installations. In summary, Kable Kontrol PVC Electrical Tape is not merely a product; it embodies a commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation. Elevate your electrical projects with a tape that surpasses industry benchmarks and aligns seamlessly with the discerning requirements of electricians. Invest in Kable Kontrol® Electrical Tape today to experience the superior combination of safety, precision, and compliance, where every application reflects the epitome of excellence.

  • UL Listed - E499 753, HEWG18-Z
  • CSA Listed - 260576, A018005