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Cable Staple Nail Clips: Your Gateway to Immaculate Cable Organization

Are you tired of the unsightly mess of tangled wires cluttering your living space? The challenge of managing internet cables, DVR wires, and conduit pipes can leave your environment feeling chaotic and disordered.

Discover the Solution: Say hello to the game-changer - Cable Staple Nail Clips. These innovative cable management solutions are poised to revolutionize your space and bring about a newfound sense of orderliness.

Effortless Transformation: Imagine a world where the cable clutter that once overwhelmed your surroundings is now elegantly contained. With Cable Nail Clips, achieving cable organization is as simple as it gets.

Simplified Installation: Bid farewell to the hassle of hiring professionals to tame your cables. Thanks to the pre-installed nails, all you need is a gentle tap from a small hammer to secure the U-Shaped clamp onto virtually any robust surface, whether it's a wall, furniture, or floorboard.

Durability Meets Craftsmanship: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Cable Nail Clips are constructed from premium UV stabilized PVC and fortified with rust-proof galvanized coated nails. The robust plastic body ensures resilience, guaranteeing lasting performance.

Versatile Harmony: From the comfort of your home to the efficiency of your office, Cable Nail Clips accommodate an extensive range of cables. Wave goodbye to cable clutter and welcome a serene, organized environment.

Seamless Compatibility: Designed with precision, these clips effortlessly grasp various surfaces. Rest assured, your cables will remain secure and neatly in place, exactly where you want them.

Safety in Focus: Cable Nail Clips offer more than just organizational prowess. The premium plastic body provides top-tier insulation, enhancing safety throughout your surroundings.

Tailored to Fit: Our collection of sizes ensures a customized solution for every cable management need. No matter the thickness of your cables, we have the ideal clip for you.

Experience the Transformation: Imagine the serenity that comes with a space free from cable chaos. Embrace a new era of organization, productivity, and safety with the sleek and practical Cable Nail Clips.

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Technical Specifications

SKU W (mm) W1 (mm) H (mm) H1 (mm) T (mm) Nail Size (mm)
   KK-WNC-4 4 5.05 3.7 5.06 17 x 15
   KK-WNC-7 13 7 8.5 7 6.4 17 x 18
   KK-WNC-12 18 12 12 10 95 21 x 21
   KK-WNC-16 24 16 16 14 12 22 x 25
   KK-WNC-20 28 20 20 18 12.4 26 x 36
   KK-WNC-25 34 25 25 23 14 28 x 43