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Kable Kontrol’s black corrugated tubing also known as non-split wire loom is an inexpensive method of organizing your wires and cables into a neat and efficient package that helps maintain an organized and safe working environment. It is made of polyethylene corrugated tubing that protects against abrasion, crushing, and friction. Black corrugated tubing is suitable for use in many industries, such as automotive, computer/electronics, farm/agricultural, marine, recreation vehicles, telecommunications, construction, and specialty markets. It is resistant to auto fluids and chemicals and has an operating temperature range of -40ºF to +200ºF (-40ºC to +93ºC). Black wire loom is an ideal way to protect your wire, cable, or hose applications.

Compliance with European Union's Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS 3)

REACH Compliance (EU Regulation EC 1907/2006)

NAFTA Certified

Technical Specifications & Test Data

Nominal Intrernal Diameter  Dimension "A" Inside Diameter Dimension "B" Outside Diameter Dimension "C" Wall Thickness
Min Max Min Max
1/2" (13 mm) 0.471” (11.97 mm) 0.515” (13.07 mm) 0.645” (16.39 mm) 0.681” (17.31 mm) 0.005” (0.12 mm)
3/4” (19 mm) 0.707” (17.96 mm) 0.759” (19.28 mm) 0.950” (24.13 mm) .989” (25.12 mm) 0.005” (0.12 mm)
1" (23 mm) 0.897” (22.78 mm) 0.949” (24.10 mm) 1.077 (27.36 mm) 1.109 (28.17) 0.005” (0.12 mm)

Operating Temperature -40º to +93ºC (-40º to +200ºF)