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Kable Kontrol Hook and Loop Fasteners are the optimal solutions to cable bundling and item management, providing you with a method to secure and identify contents quickly, while also ensuring easy access for re-work and maintenance. These self-gripping hook and loop fastener wraps are easily looped around cables or wires, where the tip is then fed through a slot in the head, allowing the length to be pulled to the exact tension you desire, leaving you in full control. Hook and loop bond is an extremely reliable fastener.

Technical Specifications

Length Head Width Strap Width
7” (17.8cm) 3/4” (19mm) 1/2” (13mm)


  • Easy to install - just snug around cables or fiber optics and touch one side of the strap (the "hook" side) to the other (the "loop" side) - no buckles or snaps to get in the way
  • Re-usable - simply peel hook and loop sides apart with your hands
  • Weather proof, never rusts - interior and exterior use