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Round Metal Desk Grommet

  • Overall diameter of 3"
  • Hole-cut diameter of 2.5"
  • Shallow depth of 12mm for range of desk compatibility
  • Sleek Black Epoxy Coated Zinc Metal Body
  • Easily Installed With Either Press Fitting or Glue
  • Metal is Rounded & Smoothed for Cable Protection
  • Ideal For Use in Various Desks Thanks to Shallow Depth
  • Designed to Be Discreet

Metal Desk Grommets, crafted from black zinc die-cast and epoxy coated for superb durability and wear, you will be finally be able to incorporate a genuinely distinguished and attractive fixture into your office or home cable management. The grommet is designed with a discreet size to take up as little valuable workspace as possible, as the piece measures 15mm from top to base. You will find that this shallow depth will keep it compatible with a wide range of desk thicknesses. The smooth metal will also make sure cables are protected when they pass, and not exposed to rough edges. The grommet will be installed easily and without hassle. The hole-cut size required for installation is only 2.5” in diameter, and the single piece will insert easily, affixing with simple press-fitting or glue if necessary. The total diameter of the grommet itself is 3”, providing room for several standard cords from your computer, phone lines, speakers, etc. Very aesthetically appealing, the grommet will elevate the appearance of their setting, looking particularly classic when paired with desks of glass or rich wood tones.